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School Budget

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Key Dates:

Tuesday, June 13:
The FY18 SCHOOL BUDGET is approved by Portland voters in a citywide referendum.

Monday, May 15:
City Council voted to approve the school board's FY18 RECOMMENDED SCHOOL BUDGET.

Monday, May 1:
The City Council holds a first reading and public hearing on the school board's FY 18 RECOMMENDED BUDGET.

Monday, April 24: The school board presents its FY 18 RECOMMENDED BUDGET to the City Council.

Tuesday, April 11:
The Portland Board of Public Education votes to approve an FY18 school budget of $105 million and send it to the City Council.  

The Portland Board of Public Education on April 11 voted to recommend to the City Council an FY2018 school budget of $105 million. The board’s Finance Committee had recommended a budget of $104.8 million but the board added $200,000 to pay for school crossing guards. The city moved that expense out of its budget last week. The board will present its budget to the City Council on Monday, April 24.

Tuesday, April 4: The Portland Board of Public Education holds a public hearing and first reading on the FY2018 Finance Committee's $104.8 million recommended budget.
That $104.8 million budget proposal is about $2.2 million less than Portland Superintendent Xavier Botana’s $107 million initial budget proposal, which has undergone reductions to address fiscal constraints. However, the proposed budget would continue to allow the Portland Public Schools to provide quality services to its students. (Click to see the FINANCE COMMITTEE'S RECOMMENDED FY2018 BUDGET. Click HERE to learn more about details on the development of that budget.)

Tuesday, March 7: Superintendent’s FY2018 $107 million school budget proposal goes to the Portland Board of Public Education. (Click to see the SUPERINTENDENT’S RECOMMENDED FY2018 BUDGET.)
Portland Public Schools Superintendent Xavier Botana presented his recommended Fiscal Year 2018 school budget to the Portland Board of Public Education on Tuesday, March 7. Botana said the budget will help the Portland Public Schools take positive steps to realize the district’s educational goals while responding to a potential drop of more than $2 million in state aid to the district. His budget proposal retains core programming and advances the district’s focus on its Comprehensive Plan goals.